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Whenever I help someone lift the look & feel of their brand, I feel equally lifted. 

As far back as I can remember, I have gravitated towards clever, thoughtful and intentional design that nurtures our minds and enriches our daily lives.

Getting my bachelor's in fine arts (painting and graphic design) and master's in art history, gave me the opportunity to go deeper into the whys and hows of impactful design. Originally from Iran, I lived in Europe before landing in the United States, a multi-continental journey that helped me absorb rich aesthetic cultures along the way. 

As my instincts and intentions developed, I increasingly realized that my calling was not to solely be a visual artist and illustrator, but to lean into the more socially interactive and marketable aspect of my art: graphic design. And I'm excited to share some of what I have learned and created with you here! 

What I'm doing when not designing

Taking care of house-plants, whisking a bowl of matcha, hiking, working out, reading (magical realism preferred), watching movies, taking strolls around town, cooking and baking. 

Lifestyle Inspo Wall
Mitra Nite + Bubbles
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